Half-destroyed campervan rampages through California during police chase

A heavily damaged campervan rampaged through Los Angeles County on Tuesday, trailed by multiple police cars.

The campervan had been reported as stolen and police first attempted to get it to pull over around 7pm, CNN reports.

But the female driver did not pull over and sped off, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h on suburban streets and 130km/h on the freeway.

Aerial footage captured the incident, which streaked across large parts of Los Angeles and eventually ended in the suburb of Tarzana.

Early on in the chase the campervan hit a palm tree as part of the chase and lost a large part of the cabin. Loose items fell out of the gaping hole in the side of the vehicle throughout the rest of the pursuit.

The woman smashed into a parked car and fled on foot. She was tackled by police officers and taken into custody.

The driver of the parked car the woman smashed into was injured and according to ABC required treatment for six broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Two dogs were in the campervan during the chase, both are now in the care of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

One of the dogs was seen jumping out of the vehicle early on in the chase and received minor injuries, according to a local Fox News station.

The other dog was seen hanging out of the broken windshield of the campervan during the chase. It was in the vehicle for the final crash and was reportedly taken to a vet for emergency treatment.

It is not known what kind of injuries the dog suffered.

The driver has been identified as Julie Ann Rainbird, 52, of Winnetka. Police are considering a number of charges.