Homeless man sleeping in a dumpster tipped into rubbish truck

The incident is reportedly under investigation. Photo credit: Getty

A homeless Australian man has narrowly escaped death after being dumped into a rubbish truck.

The man, in his 30s, was sleeping in a dumpster behind an op-shop in Kerang, Victoria at 7:30am last Friday, 7 News reports.

"[The driver] picked up that bin and then he drove to another location... and that's when he heard the gentleman screaming," said Country Fire Authority Capt Ramon Steel.

"They [the truck operators] were able to get the gentleman to the top of the garbage truck but couldn't get him down," Steel said.

Using ladders the man eventually got out - with only minor injuries.

"He was OK, he wasn't injured ... he was in shock," said Steel.

"When it needs to be compacted they push a button to compact it. And it was this gentleman's lucky day it didn't need compacting."

The incident is reportedly under investigation.