'I slept well last night': Mother's alleged comment after death of her two sons

An Australian court has heard the horrific comment a mother allegedly made shortly after the death of her two sons.

Leanne Chyrsilla Eatts faced the court on Wednesday after reapplying for bail. She's facing two counts of manslaughter for the death of her two sons, the Daily Mail reports.

She also faces charges of trafficking dangerous drugs, supplying drugs to a minor, possessing drugs, permitting a place to be used in the commission of a drug offence and unlicensed driving.

The charge of supplying drugs to a minor is not related to her sons.

Eatts' sons, Barak Austral, aged five and Jhulio Sariago, three, were found dead in the Ross River in Townsville on Februrary 26.

They had gone missing from their home hours earlier.

Prosecutors told the court Eatts was overheard describing how she felt free of responsibilities after the boys' deaths.

"I slept well last night knowing I didn't have to get up to the boys," she allegedly said.

Eatts had previously applied for bail but the application was declined, her second application was strongly opposed by the prosecution.

Police Prosecutor Liam Wise argued she is a flight risk, and poses a risk to the community due to alleged previous comments she believes she drives better while drunk or on drugs.


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