'It's a boygan': Aussies condemn 'bogan' gender reveal burnout

Aussies are lashing out at a "bogan" driver caught on camera doing a potentially deadly gender reveal.

Footage captured on a dashcam shows the Ford car entering a roundabout and doing a burnout, while blue smoke spurts from its tyres.

It ends up doing a 180-turn, then drives out of the roundabout the wrong way and against the traffic.

According to the person who posted the video to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, the footage was taken in Strathpine, north of Brisbane earlier in May.

It's believed that the dangerous stunt was the bogan version of a gender reveal - with one person quipping, "It's a boygan..

However many commenters weren't amused and have slammed the driver for putting the public at risk.

"This shit right here is why all true enthusiasts are judged badly by the public," one person said.

"What a disgrace," another wrote.

A third person commented: "There is a time and a place... and that was neither."

A Queensland police spokesperson told media they were investigating the incident.

"We haven't got anyone in custody or charged at this stage."