Jaw-dropping dust storms engulfs Australian town in incredible footage

A dramatic dust storm has transformed a small Australian town's daytime into night within minutes.

The town of Mildura, in Victoria, was enjoying a balmy evening when a huge dust cloud blew in, creating the startling change at 5pm on Tuesday.

"It was perfect conditions outside, then you could see a big dust wave coming through. Within a few seconds it went pitch black," local Josh Barilla told 7 News.

Former Mayor Glen Milne said his greatest concern was seeing a plane trying to land ahead of the storm.

"I’m just hoping that that little plane has landed somewhere...there's no way known you could land in this sort of light," Milne told 9News.

Twitter users were quick to recount their own experiences of the storm.

"Just past 5pm and it's pitch dark in Mildura, with the most almighty dust storm," Kathleen Maltzahn wrote.

"One hell of a dust storm hit Mildura tonight, turned day into night in less than 1 minute," said Anthony Telfer

The Victorian Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for the region.

This dust storm is the latest of many to sweep through Australia. Last November, thick dust storms sparked 100 emergency calls across New South Wales due to "hazardous" air pollution levels.