Kitten becomes Ron Perlman lookalike after eating wasp

Kiko's snack was a little waspish at getting caught; an uncanny resemblance.
Kiko's snack was a little waspish at getting caught; an uncanny resemblance. Photo credit: Left: Bethany Long/Twitter; Right: Reuters/Andrew Kelly

A mid-afternoon snack left Kiko the Siamese kitten a little more bloated than usual.

The six-month-old kitten clearly had a taste for something more exotic than cat biscuits. His owner Bethany Long, 23, told Metro that Kiko loves to catch wasps while sitting on the garage roof. 

She shared an image of her cat's waspish encounter to her Twitter account. 

It wasn't long before people in the Twittersphere started comparing Kiko to a number of lookalikes. Users settled on a strong resemblance to Ron Perlman. 

Long told Metro: "As he started eating I could see he had a really fat chin.

"So my mum and I took off his collar and he looked like an elephant seal.

"We rang a vet and sent over some pictures and he said to give him half an antihistamine and wait for it to go down. Then he just slept it off."

Long said she found the incident hilarious after realising Kiko would be fine. 

Bethany's mum Jackie Long told Metro: "Kiko gave me such a fright. He... looked so odd."

Kiko made a full recovery from his ordeal.

Bethany is chuffed at Kiko's 15 minutes of fame. "I love how viral he has gone," she said. If other divas are anything to go by, Kiko could be in for another botched face in the future.

"I've always known he has the ability to make it big."

We can only hope Kiko's ego doesn't get as inflated as his face.