Lawyer claims police had multiple chances to stop London Bridge attack

The inquest into a terror attack on London Bridge has heard that there were multiple chances for authorities to stop the attack before it took place.

Eight people were killed and 48 injured when three men used a van and knives as part of the attack two years ago.

The lawyer representing several victims' families says the three extremists got together on numerous occasions.

Just before the attack, one of them took himself off the WhatsApp network with his final status reading "death is the start".

Another of the attackers had previously celebrated the 9/11 attacks on his Facebook page and a memory card containing jihadist material had been seized from him at an airport.

However, investigating officer Acting Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jolley denied there had been missed opportunities.

Richard Horwell, the lawyer representing the Metropolitan Police at the inquest, asked: "In the months leading up the attack was there any evidence of any attack planning?"

Mr Jolley said: "Not that we uncovered, sir, no."


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