Man has penis chopped off during night out in China

He was treated by micro-surgeons at Xiangya Hospital.
He was treated by micro-surgeons at Xiangya Hospital. Photo credit: Google

A man has undergone major surgery after waking up from a night on the town to realise his penis was chopped off.

Tan Nan, from Huaihua in China, was so drunk that he passed out amid partying in which he consumed 500 grams of Chinese liquor, the Global Times reports.

The 44-year-old woke up in the morning covered in blood with a "sharp pain" and saw his penis had been chopped two centimeters from its root, hanging only by a "bit of skin".

He was then treated by microsurgeons at Xiangya Hospital in Changsha - the capital city of Hunan. After seven hours in the operating room, his penis was successfully reattached.

Doctors also repaired his urethra, spongy tissues and blood vessels.

There is now "good" blood flow around his penis and it is believed his sexual functions will fully recover eventually.

Police are investigating to pinpoint who is responsible for the brutal attack.