Men forcing possum to smoke a joint condemned as 'abuse'

A video of two Australian men making a possum smoke a joint of marijuana has been condemned as "abuse" online.

In the video posted to Reddit on Wednesday, two men can be seen putting the joint up to the possum's mouth.

The possum then screams as the cigarette is shoved in its face.

The video, which has since been removed from Reddit, has been condemned by viewers saying it's "animal abuse", and questions how people could do such a thing to the marsupial.

One Facebook user described it as "inhumane".

"Humanity where are you? Hello?" he said.

"[What the hell] is wrong with people!" another wrote.

The incident follows a similar act of cruelty against a possum in New Zealand. In June, a video emerged of a man punching a marsupial in the face in South Canterbury.

The act was condemned by animal rights groups as an act of "deliberate cruelty".