'Most epic proposal': Professional storm chasers share wild engagement photo

Joey Krastel proposed to Chris Scott in front of a tornado in Kansas.
Joey Krastel proposed to Chris Scott in front of a tornado in Kansas. Photo credit: Image - Getty


An experienced storm chaser has captured the moment he chose to propose to his boyfriend - in front of an oncoming tornado.

A photo posted to Twitter shows Joey Krastel proposing to Chris Scott, while a massive tornado looms in the background.

On Tuesday local time, the couple, accompanied by two others, set out to catch a tornado in Kansas.

The storm had been declared a "tornado emergency" for several counties in the state.

The tornado crew began their chase in Salina, Kansas and chased the storm for 128km until they reached the county of Tipton.

It was here that Krastel popped the question.

"It all just came together and happened so quickly," Krastel told NBC.

Krastel, a US meteorologist and risk analyst from Maryland, met his now-fiance through their love of storms.

Krastel has been obsessed with natural disasters since he was four years old when he saw his first tornado.

He estimates he has seen at least 70 storms while storm chasing.

Scott was following Krastel's storm adventures on his Instagram and messaged Krastel one day asking if he actually chased storms.

Krastel told NBC proposing while storm chasing has "always been in the back of my mind" because of Scott's first message to him.

"That's why it was always in the back of my mind to get engaged during storm chasing. I felt like it would be this perfect way to seal the deal," he told NBC.

The iconic photo has since gone viral on Twitter and has received more than 7000 likes and 537 retweets.

Comments have poured in from all over the world, congratulating the young couple.

Krastel told NBC safety is always his top priority when it comes to storm-chasing.


"People need to listen to the warnings from the National Weather service...their only goal is to say you," he said.


The newly-engaged couple are now continuing their storm-chasing adventures, making their way down through Oklahoma and onto to Texas.



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