One Nation truck torched in Tasmania in post-election attack

Adam Lambert's truck on fire.
Adam Lambert's truck on fire. Photo credit: Facebook/Adam Lambert for TAS

A candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation political party has had his truck torched at a shopping centre carpark.

Adam Lambert, a candidate for One Nation in the Tasmanian Senate, was out buying flowers for a party supporter in Hobart, the day after election day, and returned to find his vehicle ablaze.

The truck, emblazoned with an image of Lambert, Hanson and Mathew Stephen, was left gutted by the flames.

"What a mess, it's been a long, hard campaign," Lambert said in a video posted to his Facebook page.

Hanson also posted a video of the inferno, saying that it reflected the sorry state of politics in Australia.

"Isn't it amazing how the left call for tolerance all the time, but act like they're above the law when you don't agree with their ideologies," she posted on her Facebook page.

"Yesterday one of our volunteers was bashed and called a 'white dog' because he asked a man to stop wrecking our signs in Cowan. I'm concerned about where politics is heading in this country."

Hanson said someone was seen lighting the blaze before running away from the scene.

Tasmania Police told ABC the fire looked to be "suspicious" and investigations into what caused the blaze had begun.

The One Nation party's vote almost doubled across the country in the latest federal election, increasing from 1.29 percent in 2016 to almost 3 percent in 2019.


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