Passenger killed after stolen Ferrari crashes, catches fire in Perth

Traumatised witnesses have described the horrifying moment a stolen Ferrari crashed in Australia, exploding into flames and killing the female passenger.

Police say the high-performance vehicle, worth over $500,000, was stolen from outside a café in west Perth.

Officers spotted the stolen sports car on Saturday morning. However, when they approached, the male driver decided to flee.

Unfortunately, the high-speed getaway was short-lived, as he smashed into a guard railing a short distance away.

A female passenger was trapped in the vehicle as it burst into flames.

"Everyone who was in the immediate area is gonna have memories of this," witness Max Di Lello told 7 News.

"They're gonna think about what's happened. They're not gonna be able to sleep."

Emergency services raced to the scene but were unable to free her, and she was consumed by the flames.

"We heard pops and cracks and everything. I don't think I saw anything flying but it was definitely the scariest thing I've ever seen," Di Lello added.

The alleged driver remains in hospital under arrest with serious burns. Major crash officers and internal affairs are investigating the incident.