Retirement home staff rescue ducklings trapped in drain

A rest home in Dakota conducted an adorable rescue after a group of ducklings became trapped in a drain.

The ducklings had been hanging out at Dow Rummel Village in Sioux Falls for around a week when disaster struck, CBS News reports.

Three baby ducks fell through a grate into the drain as their mother led them across the retirement village's courtyard towards the water.

"Mum, she's walking over the grate herself and she can make it, but the little ones fall in and she doesn't even realise it and pretty soon she's back there standing over the grate squawking to try to get them back out," Dow Rummel maintenance manager Dan Johnson said.

It didn't take long for staff to get involved though - maintenance associate Mike Rinder got into the drain to get the ducks out.

"So, we kind of know what to do about it so I just headed over there and pulled the grate out and we hopped down there and tried to see if we could get them to one end or the other," he told CBS News.

All three ducklings were rescued and made their way across the street to nearby Covell Lake with their mother.

It's not the first time staff at Dow Rummel Village have been involved in duckling rescue, as it turns out ducks tend to fall in there every year around this time.

"Last year, I think we retrieved maybe a half-dozen out of there," Johnson said.

The rest home will now install chicken wire on top of the grate to stop any more ducklings falling in.


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