Sir David Attenborough wants you to turn him into a dance music star

Sir David Attenborough might be the hippest 93-year-old in the world.

The veteran nature broadcaster is asking music producers to have a crack at remixing a field recording he made in Indonesia in the 1950s.

"The villagers play this concerted music with extraordinary precision and real zest," he told the BBC.

"It is haunting music that you hear every night - or you did in those days, in the villages of Bali."

The tune, 'Gender Wayang', consists of frantically played bell and metal drum sounds. It's in a traditional style known as gamelan, which Western audiences may have heard in classic manga film Akira.

Attenborough's recording was made in the mid-1950s while shooting TV series Zoo Quest. It featured on an album he released last year called My Field Recordings from Across the Planet.

He hopes the competition will introduce the traditional style to a younger audience, with gamelan's popularity waning in recent decades.

Attenborough himself will be a judge in the remix competition. Entries are due by June 10, and the top six mixes will go to a public vote, and the winner announced in November.



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