Surreal video shows alligator trying to ring US woman's doorbell

At least it was being polite.
At least it was being polite. Photo credit: ABC

An alligator has been caught on camera appearing to ring a woman's doorbell in the US.

South Carolina homeowner Karen Alfano says she arrived home to see the two-metre-long reptile waiting at her front door.

She then recorded the surreal mobile phone video, showing the gator climbing onto its hind legs and gesturing toward the doorbell.

The gator left a few scratches on her home and damaged her walkway, but fortunately didn't manage to break its way in.

Alfano told WSOC-TV the encounter was "the coolest thing that could ever possibly happen to anyone".

But nearbours didn't appear to agree, with many frightened by the thought of a large and intimidating alligator door-knocking in their neighbourhood.

The gator was removed by a trapper, local media report.

Wildlife officials also removed a three-metre alligator from a home about 1.6km away from Alfano's place, according to ABC.

Officials at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources ask the community not to call them if the alligator is smaller than 1.5m, saying young gators don't pose a threat to humans.