'The boy who cried wolf': Practical joker dies in prank gone wrong

A 26-year-old prankster (pictured right) who loved winding his partner up died by misadventure.
A 26-year-old prankster (pictured right) who loved winding his partner up died by misadventure. Photo credit: Facebook

The 'accidental' death of a prankster in the UK who died in a prank gone wrong last year was concluded as death by misadventure.

Twenty-six-year-old Danny Munro pretended to strangle himself with a pair of tracksuit bottoms, despite his girlfriend Amy Leaman's protests. 

She told him to stop playing around, saying Munro "wasn't funny". Munro reportedly loved to wind up his partner, friends, and family, The Telegraph says. 

The practical joker acted out a number of pranks on his partner, Amy Leaman, such as covering himself in ketchup and feigning to be stabbed. He also pulled an anaphylactic shock prank after eating nuts, The Telegraph reports.

Leaman warned Munro on a number of occasions about the "boy who cried wolf" fable.

The supermarket worker pulled the prank in the couple's home near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, on August 1 last year.

Leaman cut her boyfriend down and called the paramedics. He died three days later at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

At the inquest, Leaman said: "A few weeks before he put tomato sauce on himself and told me that he'd stabbed himself...[I] realised it was a prank. Then we had a conversation about the boy who cries wolf."

Munro was reportedly "really happy" on the day of his accidental death.

A post-mortem examination discovered Munro died of extreme brain swelling caused by neck compression.

North Staffordshire senior coroner, Andrew Barkley, concluded death by misadventure considering the unusual circumstances.

Barkley said Munro had "no evidence of depression".  He also confirmed Leaman was unconcerned about his behaviour leading up the prank.

Munro was described as a practical joker with a huge personality who loved to shock people.


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