US man allegedly kills one-month-old son after losing video game

A 26-year-old father (left) has been charged with his infant son's murder.
A 26-year-old father (left) has been charged with his infant son's murder. Photo credit: Left: Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections; Right: GoFundMe

A father from Kentucky has been charged with murder after allegedly punching his one-month-old son on the head.

Anthony Trice, 26, reportedly became enraged after losing the video game he was playing in his Louisville home on Friday (local time). 

The police report states that Trice responded by hurling his controller and punching his infant son, De'Anthony Trice, in the head.

Trice picked up his crying son in attempt to quieten him, but allegedly dropped him on the kitchen floor.

Reports differ as to whether Trice then prepared the child a bottle or went to the bathroom. When he came back he realised the child was in distress and called emergency workers.

De'Anthony died in hospital from his injuries on Sunday (local time).

The baby's grandmother, Tonjia, has since set up a GoFundMe page looking for help with funeral expenses.

Trice was originally charged on Saturday with first-degree criminal abuse of a child. The charges were later upgraded to murder.

He appeared in court Monday morning where his reported bond was raised to US$1 million (NZ$1.5 million).

He is currently being held at the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections.

Reports have yet to specify where the baby's mother, Roniusha Tunstill, was at the time of the abuse.