US police seize NZ$51,488 of edible marijuana because they look too much like candy

Florida police are warning parents, after they seized 332 units of edible marijuana packaged to look like candy.

Collier County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) posted pictures of the bust on Facebook.

The edibles are packaged to look like Sour Patch Kids, the only difference being the name. The marijuana candies are called "Stoney Patch Kids".

"Although this investigation remains active, CCSO is releasing these photos of the items so that parents can be aware of their appearance," read the post.

According to authorities, the candies have a combined value of NZ$51,488 (US$33,600).

"Although medical marijuana is legal in Florida, state statutes prohibit marijuana edibles from being packaged in a way that is attractive to children, or made in a form that resembles candy," said the sheriff's office.

Medicinal marijuana in Florida must be packaged in plain, opaque packaging with a universal marijuana symbol.

In New Zealand, concern regarding marijuana edibles has been voiced by National's drug reform spokesperson Paula Bennett. 

"[Cannabis could be] dressed up so they're appealing to young people and accidental use is of real concern," said Bennett. 

However Green MP Chloe Swarbrick has suggested the majority of edibles will be banned if New Zealand votes to legalise marijuana.

"In line with all of those things, it's pretty evident that we will be following what other jurisdictions have done in terms of banning or ensuring that we won't have gummy bears."