'Well done Angus': Aussie MP praises himself on Facebook

An Australian politician is being ridiculed online after praising himself in a Facebook comment on his own page.

Liberal Party MP Angus Taylor uploaded a video to the social media site, hailing the addition of "1000 extra carparks for rail commuters" in his Hume electorate, west of Sydney.

Four hours later, he decided to weigh in with his own thought on his performance.

"Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus," Taylor wrote.

Facebook/Angus Taylor
Angus Taylor's post. Photo credit: Facebook/Angus Taylor

Taylor, who was once Minister for Cybersecurity, quickly deleted the post - but nothing on the internet is ever truly really gone, with screenshots of the hilarious post spreading through social media.

Taylor's latest post on Twitter, for example, was about wages and electricity prices, but almost every response from other users of the site is, "Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus."

The timing of Taylor's blunder couldn't be better. April 28 marks Ed Balls Day, celebrating the day in 2011 when former UK MP Ed Balls tweeted his own name, mistaking the tweet box for the search box.

In May 2017, New Zealand's own Winston Peters joined the illustrious club by tweeting, 'Tweets on Winston Peters NZ politician'.

Neither Balls' nor Peters' embarrassing posts have been deleted.