An entire riot squad needed to bring down one of Britain's most violent inmates

The man was eventually subdued by 100 officers in full riot gear.
The man was eventually subdued by 100 officers in full riot gear. Photo credit: Screenshot/CCTV.

A UK prison inmate who went on an eight-hour rampage in a Yorkshire prison required one-hundred officers, all in full riot gear, to take him down.

CCTV footage has been released showing the night last August when John Onyenaychi, 38, tore through HMP Full Sutton prison, causing £15,000 (NZ$28,936) worth of damage and a number of injuries. 

One hundred officers donned full riot gear and shields, and used PAVA spray (similar to pepper spray) and pyrotechnics to incapacitate the 6ft 2in prisoner, Metro reports.

Video footage captured the moment Onyenaychi hit a prison guard from behind with a pan as he was unlocking the gate. He proceeded to hit the man five more times, before hitting a female officer and attempting to attack another member of staff.

The inmate then took his riot to the kitchen, throwing a chair and other objects onto an open flame. He then went on to attack the pool table.

The inmate is 6ft 2in and weighs around 20-stone.
The inmate is 6ft 2in and weighs around 20-stone. Photo credit: Screenshot/CCTV.

The riot also reportedly involved a second fire and another injured prison officer, who was showered with glass from a broken window. He also injured another staff member with a 10cm screw, and threatened to kill multiple guards.

Onyenaychi has been sentenced to an additional six years and nine months in prison for his one-man riot, after appearing in Hull Crown Court earlier this month, Metro reports.

The court heard Onyenaychi became "agitated" by the possibility of moving to a different wing.

The 38-year-old admitted to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, four counts of common assault, two of making threats to kill, affray, arson and being reckless as to whether life is endangered, the publication reports.

Onyenaychi has reportedly been labelled as one of Britain's most dangerous men following his original trial.

He is currently serving 25 years for a life sentence after being charged with two counts of attempted murder, after attacking two police officers and slicing one of their necks in London in 2010.


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