As Donald Trump launches 2020 presidential campaign, what are his re-election chances?

Donald Trump is about to kick off his 2020 re-election campaign with a much-anticipated rally in Orlando, Florida.

US correspondent Nikole Killion told The AM Show there's "a lot of enthusiasm here" with thousands waiting to see the President.

"Democrats are trying to make their presence felt as well, they have planned some counter-demonstrations where they are also expecting a few thousand to turn out," she said.

"Security is extremely tight, the Secret Service are conducting a sweep."

Only 20,000 people can fit into the arena, so those who didn't get tickets have to stand outside in the rain. However Killion says the campaign has been running a makeshift festival for them with musical performers and big screens so they can watch the rally when it begins.

Former Trump campaign advisor Steven Rogers told The AM Show the former real estate tycoon has been an "outstanding" president, citing tax cuts and a booming economy.

"Promises made, promises kept. He kept his promise regarding the Mexican border. The wall is being built, there are now Mexican troops on their southern border."

President Trump declared a national emergency in February to demand funding for the southern border wall, which was a cornerstone promise of his 2016 campaign. However, after two and a half years in office, work on extending the current wall has only just begun and estimates of how much it would eventually cost are still hazy.

In May the Washington Post reported that US$1.5 billion would be siphoned from the US Defense Department to go towards the wall.

The Wall Street Journal reports nearly half of registered Democrats support impeaching Trump for various violations of the US Constitution. 

Progressive left-wing Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have pushed for impeachment hearings to begin, while the party's more centrist members have shied away from it because they say it would be too divisive for an already agitated country.

Rogers says attempts to start impeachment proceedings against the President will be unsuccessful.

"The Democratic Party is having a great internal battle where it's becoming known as the Democrat Socialist Party, something [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi and others don't want to happen. They're going to be busy fighting each other, they're going to be divided and Donald Trump is going to be re-elected President of the United States."

Rogers believes Joe Biden will be the Democratic Presidential nominee for 2020, but says he can be "handily beaten" despite currently polling ahead of Trump.

"He has no record to stand on, President Obama hasn't said a word about Joe Biden. Biden doesn't bring excitement or energy. I'm confident that if the President stays on message, he's going to do very, very well against Biden."

Trump has been criticised for behaviour unbefitting the office of US President, such as picking fights with other world leaders and mocking people on Twitter. Rogers denies his antics are inappropriate, and says Trump's Twitter activity makes him "the most transparent President ever".

"He's not a national embarrassment, he's not a buffoon. He's a very smart businessman and he's a successful President. I think when they resort to that type of rhetoric it doesn't serve the country well, it doesn't serve them well."

When asked to take off his "rose-tinted glasses", Rogers says Trump's biggest mistake was his belief in bipartisan support from Congress for his policies.

"That was probably his biggest mistake, if there was any mistakes at all."

Rogers, who will serve on Trump's re-election advisory board, was unwavering in his support for Trump's vision of "America first".

"There's been bumpy roads, but he's brought American pride back. Those flags are flying again."


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