Australian man hired to disrupt funerals

An Australian man is being paid thousands of dollars to disrupt funerals.

Queensland private investigator Bill Edgar is hired by dying people who want him to reveal their skeletons in the closet - and get revenge on those who have offended them in life.

Last year, he was approached by a 79-year-old man who had terminal cancer, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

"Bill, you have more front than Myers. I want you to interrupt my funeral," he says the dying man told him.

He was given an envelope with instructions inside and told to interrupt when the man's best friend began the eulogy. What happened at the funeral was a dramatic series of insults and revelations.

Following the dead man's instructions, he turned on the so-called best friend.

"I know you were trying to screw my wife," he said accusingly.

Then he unleashed on another member of the service.

"Can you please stand up - can you f**k off. I haven't seen you in 30 years. Why are you here? F**k you," Edgar read from the letter.

According to Edgar, over half the people at the service abruptly stood up and left in fear of being targeted next.

Since then, he says he's performed seven more funeral interruptions across Australia. He told the Gold Coast Bulletin most of these involve confessions beyond the grave of infidelity, abuse and minor crimes.

However some of the messages he's been asked to deliver were positive. In one case he says a woman asked him to send her husband a letter every month after her death.

Mr Edgar said: "Part of it will say 'Please don't ever forget me because I will never forget you'".


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