Baby thrown to ground in car seat in violent car park rage incident

The baby was thrown to the ground while in a car seat.
The baby was thrown to the ground while in a car seat. Photo credit: Koco

This article and video contains content some may find distressing.

An American teenager high on laced marijuana has been caught on camera allegedly slamming a baby in a carseat into the ground.

The 17-year-old is facing several charges, including aggravated assault and public intoxication, after he allegedly grabbed a car seat, with a baby in it, and threw it to the ground at an Oklahoma grocery store in May.

The one-year-old child suffered abrasions to the neck and head, but was otherwise unharmed in the unprovoked attack.

His mother, Dusti Counts, said the experience had been traumatising.

"He was screaming. Naturally, I got him out of the car seat as fast as I could to make sure if he had bumps or bruises or was bleeding," she told ABC affiliate Koco.

Police later found the suspect nearby, with bloodshot eyes. The teenager allegedly told officers to shoot him and requested a knife to "do it himself".

After being treated by paramedics, the suspect apologised for kicking an officer and admitted to smoking marijunana laced with acid or phencyclidine. He is also charged with assault on a police officer.

Police are now wanting help with understanding what the marijuana was laced with. CCTV video of the incident was also released on Tuesday (local time).


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