Body of lost Queensland toddler found in a dam

Ruben Scott.
Ruben Scott with his mother. Photo credit: Facebook/NatashaScott

The body of an Australian toddler has been found in a dam after he went missing near crocodile-infested water on Tuesday.

Two-year-old Ruben Scott wandered off when he was in the care of relatives, and a frantic search got underway at Koolatah Station, on the Cape York Peninsular.  

Family members, employees and neighbours began the search in the remote station, before calling the police.

Divers located the body of the two-year-old on Friday afternoon in the large dam near the homestead, police say.

The homestead is situated near a lagoon and borders the Alice River and the Mitchel River. It is a known habitat for crocodiles.

On Thursday night police told the heartbroken family they believed Ruben hadn't survived the harsh conditions.

Ruben was described by his mother Natasha on Facebook as the "greatest person ever".