Canadian woman attempts send puppies and a kitten via post

A sad brown dog with a stamp on its head.
One of the puppies. Photo credit: Vancouver County Enforcement Service

A Canadian woman is facing animal cruelty charges after attempting to send two puppies and a kitten to fake shipping addresses in the post.

Jill Marshall allegedly dropped off boxes containing animals to her local post shop in Alberta on two occasions, one containing a singular puppy, and another with a puppy and a kitten.

The boxes had a destination address and the animals had postage stamps on their heads. Marshall paid the appropriate postage cost for both items.

Employees called authorities on May 7 after discovering the first package containing the kitten and puppy was dropped off.

The second parcel was dropped off on May 17.

Canada's post forbids the shipment of live animals unless an agreement has been reached.

Vulcan County Enforcement Services launched an investigation into the incident and discovered the shipping addresses were fake.

Marshall was charged with causing animals to be in distress under the Animal Protection Act. It's reportedly not her first time dealing with law enforcement.

She will reappear in court on July 30,2019.


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