Child killed by leopard in fenced-off section of South African Kruger National Park

A leopard.
A leopard. Photo credit: Getty

A two-year-old child has been killed by a leopard in a fenced-off staff area of South Africa's Kruger National Park (KNP).

BBC News reports a leopard gained access to the fenced-off living quarters of the park only accessible by staff and attacked the boy, who was the son of an employee.

The child was rushed to Shongwe hospital, but soon died.

The park said such attacks were rare, but officials were trying to understand what had led to the child being attacked.

It was speculated the animal had become too accustomed to humans, and the "change in natural behaviour" can lead to "unfortunate incidents such as this," a spokesperson said.

"In parks like the KNP predators do interact with tourists and staff, and at times it may result in species like leopard getting habituated to people and losing their fear.

"The change in natural behaviour can then lead to unfortunate incidents such as this."

The leopard was later shot dead.


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