Donald Trump denies London protests even as 10,000 fill the streets

Theresa May has carried out one of her last roles as British Prime Minister - a meeting with Donald Trump.

The US President has promised a post-Brexit free trade deal, while out on the streets 10,000 protested the visit for the second day running.

Taking a break from packing boxes, May and husband Philip welcomed their last guests to Downing St. President Trump was full of compliments for the outgoing Prime Minister:

"It has been a true honour," he said. "I have greatly enjoyed working with you, you are a tremendous professional and a person that loves your country dearly. Thank you very much, really an honour."

He also promised a free trade deal when Britain finally Brexits.

"The United States is committed to a phenomenal trade deal. Probably two or three times what we're doing now. Tremendous potential."

But it didn't take long for the barbs to fly - first about London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

"I think he's been a not very good Mayor from what I understand," Trump told media. "He's done a poor job, crime is up, a lot of problems and I don't think he should be criticising a representative of the United States."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was next.

"I don't know Jeremy Corbyn. Never met him. Never spoke to him. He wanted to meet with me today or tomorrow and I decided that I would not do that. I think that he is, where I come from, somewhat of a negative force."

Corbyn was busy anyway, on stage in front of tens of thousands of people at an anti-Trump rally.

"We've shown just how determined we, all of us are, to achieve that better place and better world," he told the roaring crowd. "Thank you for being here today for peace, for justice, for disarmament.

But armament was on display throughout Central London, which was heavily fortified with officers, horses and vehicles to keep the mass of protesters at bay - and at a great distance from the President. But nothing was holding these people back.

"We miss our daddy Donald Trump and want him to come back to hell and spread evil there instead of on Earth," protesters dressed as devils told Newshub.

"I detest Trump and everything he stands for," one man said.

"We're American and we're on holiday, but we'd rather protest instead," others said.

The famous Baby Trump balloon also made an appearance, while the real Trump refused to accept the protests were actually happening.

"Where are the protests?" he said. "I don't see any protesters. I did see a small protest, very small. So a lot of it was fake news, I hate to say."

His trip to London that began with pomp and pageantry finished with protests, a dig at the press, and compliments for a Prime Minister who's on the way out.


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