Drunk US mother caught driving toy truck down road

A drunk US mother has been caught driving her childrens' toy truck down the road.

South Carolina woman Megan Holman had been drinking heavily last Monday when she decided to take the Power Wheels electric toy truck for a spin.

Police were called after a member of the public reported a suspicious person on the street.

According to local media, Holman told law enforcement she was taking part in a scavenger hunt. Officers said she was about 1.5 kilometres from her home.

The police report claimed Holman said she "wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father and this was how to do it".

A video shot by a local resident Travis Watkins shows the toy truck pulled over to the side of the road while police interrogate Holman.

"I guess the Walhalla Police Department has nothing better to do than pulling over a woman on her Power Wheels truck," he wrote on Facebook.

Holman was arrested and booked into the Oconee County Detention Center. She avoided a drink-driving charge because she was behind the wheel of a toy and not a vehicle, and was instead charged with public intoxication.