Florida woman paid for social media management in hot dogs

A Florida woman has been paid in hot dogs for managing the stand's social media.
A Florida woman has been paid in hot dogs for managing the stand's social media. Photo credit: Getty

Social media specialist Danielle Mamagona has told Fox News she loves hot dogs so much, she is willing to get paid in them.

Two years ago, the Florida woman noticed while scrolling through Facebook that a new hot dog stand, Willy-Yums, had opened in her area.

"I was just scrolling through Facebook, looking for something to do in the area, and I saw a post that said 'hot dog stand, grand opening' and I was like, I am there!" she told Fox News.

Mamagona tried to post about the opening on one of her social media accounts, but could not find any accounts associated with Willy-Yums.

"He didn't have an Instagram., he didn't have a Twitter, so I was like - maybe I could help him out with this," she said to Fox News.

She approached the owner of the hot dog stand, Rob Williams, about managing his social media presence.

"I talked to him that very first day about it," Mamagoma told Fox News.

Willy-Yums' owner told her that he could not afford to pay her, as the business was still getting off the ground.

However, the owner was rich in one thing - hot dogs. He offered to pay Mamagona in his signature food.

The Florida woman told Fox News that it was a dream come true.

"I mean, I love hot dogs, like a lot," she said.

Mamagona has her pick when it comes to Willy-Yums hot dogs, with the stand offering up bacon mac-and cheese dogs, pizza dogs, as well as the original hot dog.

According to The Takeout, Mamagona is still running Willy-Yums' social media after two years, but it unclear if her form of payment has changed.



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