Freak "twister" throws bouncy castle into the air at UK Father's Day event, injures four

A witness says the bouncy castle was "taken away like plastic bags".
A witness says the bouncy castle was "taken away like plastic bags". Photo credit: Getty

A number of people were reportedly injured when a freak "twister" ripped through a Father's Day event at a park in Yorkshire, England.

According to local paper Hull Live, the "freak tornado" ripped through Howden Ashes on Sunday afternoon, sending a bouncy castle flying through the air and into a tree.

Witnesses told Hull Live they had "never seen anything like that".

"My son was about to go on the bouncy castle but I said no because the rain started. Twenty seconds later the bouncy castle was thrown into the trees. Feeling a bit stunned but thankful for a split decision to walk away," a witness told Hull Live.

Another witness described the bouncy castle as being "taken away like plastic bags", the Daily Mail reports.

Hull Live reports children had been seen playing on the bouncy castle before the freak weather struck, but it was not known whether they were in the castle when it was lifted into the air.

Emergency services attended the scene, with paramedics reportedly taking four people to three hospitals in the area, including a three-year-old girl.

Howden Ashes issued a statement thanking those who had helped in the emergency.

"With emergency services on site throughout the event they were able to react quickly after the sudden tornado-like weather which damaged attraction and trees, blowing over a bouncy castle and inflatable slide which thankfully had been quickly evacuated," Howden Ashes wrote.

The park also thanked members of the public.

"Their willingness to help shows the community spirit of this town at its best," they wrote.

A meteorologist in the area tweeted a radar showed a "strong core" passed the town at 4 pm, suggesting the cause of the freak weather.



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