Hero US dad saves daughter from shark attack by punching it five times

Paige Winter was attacked by a shark in the US
Paige Winter was attacked by a shark in the US Photo credit: Newshub

An ex-Marine in North Carolina rescued his daughter from a vicious shark attack by punching the animal five times.

Seventeen-year-old Paige Winter was swimming off Atlantic Beach on Sunday afternoon (local time) when she was attacked.

Her father Charlie, who according to a GoFundMe page is an ex-Marine, firefighter and paramedic, went into the water and took on the shark.

He rescued his daughter, who was taken to hospital where she had to have a leg amputated and lost a number of fingers.

Witnesses told local media people began screaming as Paige crawled out of the water, the BBC reported.  

Paige Winter
Paige Winter Photo credit: Go Fund Me

Paige's grandmother Janet posted on Facebook: "Thank God our son was with her, he said he punched the shark in the face five times before it let go. Wish we could be with them.

"Surgery over she is still alive, one leg gone. May need a hand transplant in the future and several on the other. Please keep her in your prayers."

Paige is in a stable condition and said from hospital she hoped people continue to respect sharks and their environment, the BBC reported.

The hospital said her family was thankful for the support from the community and "her heroic father who saved her life".

"Despite this unfortunate circumstance, Paige is an unwavering advocate for the marine life and the animals who live in the water," their statement added.

Her mother Marcy said on the GoFundMe page: "She is out of surgery and awake, she’s still pretty groggy but cracking jokes. She wants everyone to know that sharks are still good people."



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