Hunter who gunned down a giraffe reveals what she did with its carcass

A woman who made headlines in 2018 after posing with a giraffe she shot dead, has revealed what she did with its body.

Tess Talley told CBS This Morning on Friday she ate some, and turned the rest into pillows and a gun case. And it won't be the last creature of a dwindling species she guns down.

"It's a hobby, it's something that I love to do," she told host Adam Yamaguchi.

Talley, an American, caused outrage in July last year when she killed a rare black giraffe and posed next to its corpse.

"Hunting may not be for everyone, but it's MY passion!" she wrote in a caption on photo-sharing site Instagram.

There are an estimated 31,500 giraffes of the type Talley shot left in the wild. It's rated a vulnerable species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Talley justified the killing by saying it had killed three younger giraffes.

"Now that the giraffe is gone, the younger bulls are able to breed," she told CBS News at the time. "This is called conservation through game management."

But she also believes humans are supposed to kill game animals.

"They are put here for us. We harvest them, we eat them," she told CBS This Morning, adding that she got almost a tonne of meat out of it.