Internet goes wild over Donald Trump's hat hair

Donald Trump has unveiled a new hairstyle - but not everyone's a fan.

The US President appeared to have given his trademark bouffant a makeover ahead of his second visit to the UK to meet with the Queen.

Appearing at a church in Virginia after a long game of golf, Trump removed his baseball cap to reveal slicked-back hair that was flat, wet and limp.

It sparked rumours that he was trialling a new fashion look, as well as several unkind remarks about it's resemblance to a mullet.

"Wait, did evangelical America just pray for Donald Trump today, and his hair style changed? Our God has a fantastic sense of humor," one person tweeted.

"Trump walking around with Michael Scott season 1 hair," another said.

Others approved of Trump's new look and thought he should make it permanent.

"This is a great look for @potus. Wish he'd get rid of the heavily coiffed and hairspray hair," one wrote.

However others have pointed out that the sleek style might just have been the end product of some serious hat hair, as Trump's trademark puffy style was spotted while leaving the White House later in the day.


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