Jamaican scientist recreates marijuana originally smoked by Bob Marley

A "supreme" ganja which disappeared decades ago and was originally smoked by Bob Marley is being recreated by a Jamaican scientist.

The landrace cannabis had grown naturally in the country before it was wiped out by the American war on drugs in the 1980s.

Dr Machel Emanuel told The Daily Mail between the 1950s and '70s, the country was known for the landrace cannabis.

The plant has "unique growing characteristics based on its flower, on the smell, on the flavour, even on the euphoria".

He said reggae music pioneer Bob Marley was one of those who used landrace cannabis.

"There could be an economic advantage to growing these plants here," Dr Emanuel told The Daily Mail.

"They are more resilient and grow easy.

"Jamaica's reputation was basically built on these plants."

The Jamaican doctor started growing cannabis in 2001.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy weed," he said.

"[It's] just like champagne in France," he told The Daily Mail.

Cannabis was decriminalised in Jamaica in 2015 and those of the Rastafari faith are permitted to use it for religious reasons.


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