Japan passes law that bans drinking and droning

You can now be imprisoned for drinking and droning in Japan.
You can now be imprisoned for drinking and droning in Japan. Photo credit: Getty

A new law in Japan threatens to imprison anyone that flies a drone whilst under the influence of alcohol.

The law was passed by the country's parliament on Thursday, The Japan News reports.

"We believe operating drones after consuming alcohol is as serious as drink driving," a Japanese transport ministry official told AFP.

According to the BBC, the law was made to rein in growing use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Civilians who are charged with operating a drone whilst intoxicated will face up to a year of imprisonment, or a fine of up to $4200.

The law impacts drones that weigh more than 200 grams, and puts restrictions on where they can be flown.

Drones are banned from being flown within 300 metres of Japan's armed forces, US military personnel and "defence-related facilities", according to the BBC.

Sadiums and other sites for the 2020 Olympics are also reportedly off-limits.

The legislation also reportedly fines pilots for who perform dangerous stunts with the drone. People who are caught plunging a drone towards a crowd of people could face a fine up to $4600.

The law is expected to come into force as early as September.



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