Kim Jong-un appoints ex-girlfriend as right-hand woman after 'execution' rumours

Kim Jong-un has appointed an ex-girlfriend as his right-hand woman.
Kim Jong-un has appointed an ex-girlfriend as his right-hand woman. Photo credit: Reuters

Kim Jong-un has appointed an ex-girlfriend and former pop star, who was reportedly executed earlier this year, as his right-hand woman. 

The North Korean dictator, 35, has known singer Hyon Song-wol, 42, since he was a teenager, according to 

The pair met 10 years ago and started dating before Kim's father, who did not approve, ordered him to end the relationship, according to the Telegraph. 

The former musician, who was reportedly "executed" for starring in an "X-rated" film, has been photographed with the leader at several high profile events in the past week. 

She shot to fame in 2005 after releasing a song about North Korea's textile workers. However, according to South Korean media, she angered the rogue state's ruling party by appearing in what was dubbed a "porn film".

The video responsible, which surfaced online in 2013, showed three women dancing in leotards, cowboy hats and tasselled skirts, to a version of  Elvis Presley's Aloha Oe. 

Earlier this year, it was reported that Hyon, and several other performers, had been executed by a firing squad.

However, months after she was reportedly killed, Hyon has been appointed as the vice director of North Korea's Propaganda and Agitation Department, according to state media. 

The appointment follows reports Kim Jong-un's half-brother, who was previously in the role, was a CIA informant.

Kim Jong Nam was killed in 2017 when two women smeared a nerve agent on his face in an airport. 

A secret source claims Mr Kim had met with CIA operatives several times and was on his way to meet his contact when he was killed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The source said he was "almost certainly" in contact with security services from other countries as well. 


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