'Last warning': Sinister note sent to Australian woman before dog 'poisoned'

The threatening letter.
The threatening letter. Photo credit: Tracey Spoor / Facebook

An Australian woman fears her pet dog was poisoned by a disturbed neighbour after she received a sinister note just hours before her animal died.

Queensland mother Tracey Spoor found the threatening letter in her letter-box warning her to keep her barking dogs quiet. The note said it was her "last warning". Less than a day later, her pet, Bella, would be dead.

The chilling letter demanded Spoor "think carefully" about her "children's well-being" and suggested that she buy a special "zap collar" to control her pets.

"Dog owner. This letter is to apeal  [sic] to your desensy [sic] as a human being and asking you nicely to do something about your two dogs who bark even when you are at home. They bark worse when you are out," the letter reads.

"Think carefully and PLEASE consider your very many neighbours around you. Do the decent thing and look after your animals and your and your children's well being. LAST WARNING."

The threatening letter.
The threatening letter. Photo credit: Tracey Spoor / Facebook

To her horror, the next day Spoor discovered her beloved dog Bella coughing up blood. Vets told her they believed the dog had been poisoned but it was too late to save her.

"They didn't even give me any time to do anything about it," Spoor told the Courier Mail.

"She was bleeding internally, and it was all because of poison."

Another local resident, Lauren Fletcher, says they too have received threatening letters and their cat had been poisoned.

Another threatening letter sent to a local.
Another threatening letter sent to a local. Photo credit: Lauren Fletcher / Facebook

"Over the past six months there has been a spineless and disgusting resident terrorising our street," Fletcher wrote on a community Facebook group on Monday.

"We have received horrible letters, had property maliciously damaged and on top of that our cat was baited and very sadly died," she added.

Police say they take the incidents seriously and they are investigating. Sergeant Stephen Wheeler, says the person responsible could face charges of animal cruelty, along with stalking and vehicle damage.

"I've got animals myself, and if my dog was poisoned, I'd be furious," he added.