Machete-wielding 11yo takes on gun-slinging burglar and wins

Eleven-year-old Braydon Smith knows his way around a baseball diamond.

As a player for the Burlington Pirates he's had some training swinging a bat, but he never thought that training would prove useful off the field.

Last Friday morning he was at home alone in Mebane, North Carolina, when a stranger knocked on his front door. Braydon says a man then burst through the front door and found him in his room.

"He pointed the gun at me and up he told me to sit down on the ground and get in my closet. I did that."

The suspect went into the living room to gather electronics, then went back to question Brayden.

"He found my phone on the counter, and he took the phone but he dropped it. And that's when I picked up my machete and hit him in the back of the head."

Watch the video for the full CBS News report.


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