Man filmed performing haka in Australian bottle shop

A Sydney bottle shop employee was checking security footage when he stumbled across a man performing a haka.

Staff had no clue it took place, due to a recently busy weekend for State of Origin.

"All of the staff were serving on the weekend, so we didn't notice until yesterday when we were going through the footage," the employee told Newshub.

The security footage shows a man launching into a haka while his friend films. He’s then seen grabbing a bottle and downing the drink before spitting some out on the floor.

"I thought it was pretty funny when I first saw it, but at the same time pretty frustrating," the bottleshop employee says.

"We have to clean it up... It's theft and customers aren't allowed to drink in store." 

The man in the video, who wished not to be named, told Newshub he had earlier been drinking at a lunch for a friend's birthday.

He performed the haka because "he thought it would be funny".

The employee said the store would not be pursuing charges as it was a first-time offence.