Massive alligator rampages through house, destroys wine collection

An American woman is upset after a massive alligator smashed into her house and destroyed bottles of red wine.

Mary Wichhusen was forced to lock herself in her bedroom after discovering an enormous 3.4 metres long alligator had smashed through a kitchen window and into her Florida house.

Wichhusen said it was a sight she won't be forgetting anytime soon.

"All I have is the vision of his huge head. His gigantic head looking at me saying, ‘hey’," she told local media.

She was particularly concerned because there had been a bird in the front bedroom that she was scared the alligator would find.

“It's mating season, they’ll try anything."

Although the woman wasn't hurt, her prized wine collection didn't have such luck with the alligator smashing numerous bottles of red wine.

"He got my red wine, the good stuff!"

Wichhusen said she won't be changing her "living habits" as a result or locking up the red wine, as the next gator might prefer white wine.

Ten police officers and two wildlife trapper captured the animal after two hours, she said.