More than 1000 people want to adopt baby abandoned inside plastic bag

More than 1000 people have selflessly put their hands up to adopt a baby found alive abandoned in a plastic bag in the US earlier this month, according to local media reports.

The ABC reported that the baby, temporarily named India, was found wrapped in a yellow plastic bag in Forsyth County, Georgia, about 10pm on June 6.

Police still don't know why India was abandoned and who her mother is.

Sheriff Ron Freeman, of Forsyth County said on Thursday it was "amazing" to see the number of people that had reached out.

"More than 1000 people [are] eager to become her forever family," NBC's Today Show reports.

Deputy Sheriff Terry Roper spoke of the moment the baby was found. He said he just "wanted to give her comfort".

"A little bit later I realised it was the first time she had felt love, and I felt honoured to give her that," he told the Today Show.

India was "thriving and is in the care of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services", the sheriff's office said on Wednesday. It was still seeking information to identify the abandoned baby.


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