Mother of Queensland toddler found dead in dam pens heart-breaking goodbye post

Natasha and Ruben Scott.
Natasha and Ruben Scott. Photo credit: Natasha Scott.

The mother of the young boy who went missing near crocodile-infested Queensland waters has written a heart-breaking social media post about never seeing her child alive again.

On Tuesday, a desperate search began for two-year-old Ruben Scott who went missing from the Koolatah Station homestead, which is situated near a habitat for crocodiles.

While family members, employees and neighbours searched for days for the boy, his body was found in a dam on Friday near the homestead. Authorities had previously told the family that they didn't believe he could have survived the harsh conditions.

In an emotional Facebook post on Friday, his mother, Natasha, said she loved him "so incredibly much" and would always have him in her heart.

"I never ever thought I'd have to make a status like this in my entire life, but this is what it's came to and I have to come to the realisation that you'll never be in my arms again," she wrote.

"The love I have for you is completely unconditional and always will be."

The mother said she hoped he would look over her.

"Fly high my son. I love you to the moon and back. I wish I could've outlived you. You'll be my forever and always."

Two images of the boy laughing were also included in the post, which has been inundated with well-wishes.

"So very sad, condolences to you and your family," said one user, while another said: "Absolutely gut-wrenching".

More than 60 people have been involved in the search on the ground. The search area spanned more than 1700 square kilometres. Far North Queensland District Chief Superintendent Brian Huxley has thanked the community for their efforts.


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