Murderer tracked down after being ID'd through Snapchat

Snapchat app on a phone.
Snapchat Photo credit: Getty

A man has been convicted of murder after being tracked down with the help of Snapchat.

Montrell Russum, 25, killed 25-year-old Martell Williams during a drug-related robbery in Las Vegas in 2018.

The first man on the scene, Brandon Boisclair, was a friend of Williams and he immediately thought to check the man's phone for clues as to who he had been communicating with last.

What he found, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, was a Snapchat message from Russum which he saved and handed to police when they arrived at the scene.

Detectives then used the message to identify and track down Russum who had immediately fled to the state of Texas.

Russum was convicted of murder, as well as robbery and conspiracy, after the court heard that Williams had come to him with US$14,000 (NZ$21,000) to buy 15 litres of codeine.


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