Norwegian island wants to abolish time - a world first

The proposal would mean no closing times on the island.
The proposal would mean no closing times on the island. Photo credit: Getty

A Norwegian Island wants to abolish time, and in doing so would become the first time-free zone in the world.

Residents of Sommarøy believe knowing what time of day it is is unnecessary, and 300 have voted on a proposal to be put forward to authorities, local broadcaster NRK TV reports.

The main reason for the initiative is the island is in permanent darkness between November and January. Then on May 18, when the sun rises, it doesn't set until July 26. In hindsight, time is pointless.

The proposal would mean there would be no closing times on the island's shops.

Officials say the goal of the proposal was to provide "flexibility".

"All over the world, people are characterised by stress and depression," said Kjell Ove Hveding, who's behind the initiative.

"In many cases this can be linked to the feeling of not stretching, and here the clock plays a role," he told NRK.

Hveding said the initiative would allow everyone to "live their lives to the fullest."

"Children and young people still have to go to school, but there is room for flexibility," he told NRK.

"One does not need to be put into a box in the form of school or working hours."