Octogenarian robs bank because life on the outside is too expensive

Robert Francis Krebs robs a credit union.
Robert Francis Krebs robs a credit union. Photo credit: Tuscon Police Department

An octogenarian bank robber says he did it because his pension wasn't big enough.

Robert Francis Kerbs held up a credit union in Tuscon, Arizona last year, Fox News reports. The 82-year-old had only been out of prison for six months, after serving decades behind bars for previous bank robberies.

He wasn't wearing a disguise, and told FBI agents he "kind of wanted to get caught" and go back to prison because the US$800 (NZ$1220) he got a month on the pension "is not very much to live on these days".

And a retired FBI bank robbery expert said he had a point.

"They really can't make it on the outside,"  William Rehder told Fox News.

"He is right - Social Security is probably not enough to keep him going, and he has no prospects for income."

A judge is yet to decide whether Kerbs, who is showing signs of suffering from dementia, is fit to stand trial.



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