'Out in all me glory': Aussie man chases intruder in underwear, armed with didgeridoo

Dressed only in his underwear, an Australian man has heroically chased down a man who was attempting to rob his house.

Kym Ambrook was asleep in his Adelaide home on Monday, when the sound of floorboards creaking woke him up at 4am.

When he went to investigate the noise, he found a home intruder. Despite being underdressed, Ambrook chased the man out of his home and yelled for his neighbours to help.

"I was gaining on him and knew he wasn't going far so [I] got the boys to cordon off the area," he told 7 News.

"Out there in all me glory - I did notice I run faster naked," he said through laughter.

Once the boys had trapped the invader, Ambrook sprinted back home to grab a defence.

He returned, armed with a didgeridoo, and a torch. 

When 7 News asked what he planned to do with the didgeridoo, he said he didn't plan to use it as a weapon.

"I was gonna play a couple of quick tunes, some of them old songs me grandfather taught us."

Ambrook says the man got off easy.

"He got off easy. Lost his shirt, poor bugger."

The father of 12 told 7 News he has slept with his door open and unlocked for the last 11 years, but will be closing it from now on.

Police arrived shortly afterwards and arrested the home invader. He has been charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft. He will face court in August.



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