Queensland's 'Sunshine State' residents wake up to rare snowfall

The 'Sunshine State' has experienced rare snow fall.
The 'Sunshine State' has experienced rare snow fall. Photo credit: Glenda Riley/7 News.

The Sunshine State of Queensland has been inundated with snow.

On Tuesday a number of Queenslanders reported snow falling, particularly in Eukey and Stanthorpe. 

The flurries are rare for the region - Queensland's major cities tend to hover around a high of 21C in June, and typically don't fall much below 12C.

Queenslander Anita Swallow captured a video of the surprising event around 7:15am Tuesday morning (local time).

"We had been here since 5am watching the sleet turn to flakes. It was coming across in waves," Swallow told 7 News.

7 News reports the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed snow did fall in Queensland's Granite Belt region, west of Brisbane. Flakes have been sparse and are not expected to settle.

Locals say it was sleeting for a short period before transitioning into flurries of pure snow flakes.

Queensland reportedly has been dealing with an onslaught of icy winds and colder temperatures than normal after a cold air mass hit the state on Monday.

The Bureau told 7 News that it is unlikely any more snow will fall on Wednesday, as the temperatures have increased and conditions are set to be drier.