Rowdy tourists now accused of 'holding UK village to ransom' after New Zealand antics

The UK family who shocked New Zealand's shores over the summer are now reportedly holding a small English village to ransom.

The Doran family first hit the headlines following an altercation on Auckland's Takapuna beach earlier this year. Video footage emerged of the family littering the waterfront grass area, to the concern of local beachgoers. 

When a woman challenged the family, a young boy threatened to knock her "brains out".

Accusations continued to follow the shocking sightseers as they allegedly ripped off restaurants, vandalised motels and threatened locals during their travels - resulting in Auckland mayor Phil Goff labelling the group "a bunch of arseholes".

Now the family are reportedly continuing their wayward ways back in Britain following their deportation in January.

The Dorans are currently holding the quiet village of Dough Bank "to ransom" after purchasing cheap land and demanding locals buy the plot back for a hugely inflated amount.

The Daily Mail reports that the Dorans purchased a patch of land in the village for £9000 (NZ$17,000), but have demanded over £600,000 (NZ$1.1 million) from residents for the land's return - and their departure from the village.

Residents have refused to pay the £600,000.

The family, who have reportedly moved their caravans, vehicles and other possessions on to the site to the inconvenience of locals, are alleged to have started a violent campaign against any resident who challenges them.

"Family members would take it in turns to urinate, or worse, in people's driveways," a Dough Bank resident told the Daily Mail.

"They turned the site, which was once beautiful, unspoilt woodland, into an eyesore."

The village of Astley Burf is also facing the same battle, according to the publication, following reports of vandalism and fires on another plot of land purchased by the Dorans.

The extensive family, who have said they purchased the land legally with the intention of building property, claim they are being discriminated against because of their "gypsy" identity and lifestyle.