Scammer claims debit cards could explode, asks victims to send them in

UK police are shocked at a scam with a terrible excuse to ask for people's debit cards.

Cheshire police shared a photo of one of the scam letters on Facebook on Friday (local time), joking it would be unlikely anyone would be falling for it anytime soon.

The scam claims customers of London based bank Barclays are at immediate risk of serious burns because their debit cards have been exploding without warning. 

The way to ensure this doesn't happen? Sending your card to Bangalore, India.

"Usually our advice would be to #TakeFive before giving anyone your bank details, but we would like to think this one was pretty obvious," Cheshire police wrote on Facebook.

The scam letter's poor excuse wasn't its only problem, it also had terrible grammar and spelling, which may have tipped off anyone targetted by the scam.

"Many of our bank costumers have reported that their debit cards have caught fire while they are in wallets and purses, and so as a precushion we are issuing an URGENT safety recall.

"This is a matter of the uppermost emergency as your card could create a pocket fire at any given moment, burning your legs and stomach terribly. This is because of a fault in the factory process at our debit card factory in Molton Keynes."

"Molton Keynes" does not exist. Milton Keynes, however, is a town located northwest of London.