Taxi driver 'fakes a heart attack' to avoid short fare

An Australian woman is claiming her taxi driver faked a heart attack because he wanted a more expensive fare.

In the video she sent to Nine Networks A Current Affair, the taxi driver can be seen clutching his chest and leaning against a tree.

"I am not driving ma'am. My condition is not well," he tells her. She immediately shuts him down.

"You've just dropped me in the middle of nowhere. You're a liar! You said you wanted to turn the meter off because you wanted a bigger fare," the woman tells him.

In response the driver drops to his knees in the grass and clutches his chest.

"Oh the Oscar goes to you!" the woman tells him.

Taxi drivers cannot refuse fares unless they're finishing a shift, according to deputy CEO of the New South Wales taxi council Nick Abrahim.

The CEO of the taxi company employing the driver, 13 Cabs, told A Current Affair the driver has been fired.




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